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World Changers

Would Joan of Arc; Martin Luther King, Jr; 
and Cleopatra work well together?

World Changers is a game with an absurd premise: you are a starship captain charged with settling a new planet, and you can pick your crew from among 32 figures from different times and places in human history.

The character cards have one of three type of effects: one that triggers when he or she joins your crew, one that might trigger later in the game, or one that will affect end-game scoring.

Since a different set of cards is used in every game, every game is different, as players are challenged how to best exploit the abilities of who is available.

The game includes a 68-page educational booklet with information about the characters.

1-4 players

Age 10+

10 minutes

"World Changers is a neat tactical filler that can be a nice way to start or end a game night.  It’s quick to set up and play, and each game thus far has been challenging and different due to the specific card subset drawn for each game." Opinionated Gamers review by Dale Yu

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