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Welcome Retailers and Prospective Retailers

Doing Business with Cheeky Parrot

We so value our retailers, big and small, who enable people to discover our world of affordable, accessible, easy-to-learn card and board games!

Headquartered in Auckland, Cheeky Parrot Games has been in business since 2014. We have grown steadily and now have eight titles under our name, plus we distribute for SchilMil Games and other New Zealand-based designers so we can offer you a broad selection to appeal to casual, family, and hobby gamers.

Becoming a Cheeky Parrot retailer is easy. Please visit the Terms of Trade page to read our terms, then scroll down to fill out our retailer registration form to accept them and tell us what we need to know about you. We will send you our order form/price list. (You won't find price details on this website because it is public-facing.) Place and pay upfront for your first order and away we go.


Our retailers are free to pick and choose from our titles; we have no order size or composition requirements, and we understand our smallest retailers may order just once or twice a year. You can always request a current order form, which is an Excel sheet that calculates your total with GST, or you can use our website order form.

Recommended retail prices are twice the wholesale price, but our retailers are free to set price points as they choose.

We have accounts with Fastway/Aramex, ParcelPort, and NZ Post and we also check the shipping cost on TradeMe so we can fulfill your order as cheaply as possible.

We support our retailers with a listing here on our website, social media announcements and shares, and point of sale information to help your staff recommend our titles to your customers. Let us know if we can do anything more to support you.

Have a look through our online catalogue and please email us for a price list/order form.

Boys at Game Fair Cropped.jpg
Boys at Game Fair Cropped.jpg


We attend events such as Wellycon and Board Games by the Bay to promote our games. We also give prize support to these and other events.

This photo shows Julia playing Hoard, our bestseller, with some very enthusiastic boys at the inaugural

Cancer Society Auckland Games Fair.

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Cheeky Parrot Watch is our quarterly e-newsletter; it has over 400 subscribers. It is sent out at the end of February, May, August, and November. We will sign you up to receive it as well as sporadic retailer-only updates. These are done through the MailChimp platform.

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