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Publisher: Ludogix


Kiitos is the brainchild of first-time game designer Matthew Thredgold.

It is a fast-tempo, card-based word game with novel, simple rules and deep, emergent game play that has attracted rave reviews.

You are not trying to make a word with the letters in your hand but rather with those letters and the letters that you hope may be in your opponents’ hands.

When a target word is completed, the player who set the target word picks up the cards; each will score one point.

Kiitos means ‘thank you’ in Finnish, so you can say Kiitos when another player finishes your word.

2-4 players

Age 12+

45 minutes


Publisher: Undine Studios

Played over three rounds and set in Oaxaca (pronounced Wa-ha-ka), a Mexican region known for exquisite handicrafts, players roll dice, gather raw materials, and turn them into works of art to display in their market stalls. Completed works convey bonuses and points for end game scoring. Includes solo mode and an expansion.

1-4 players

Age 10+

20-40 minutes

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Galilean Moons

Publisher: Fantasy Workhouse

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Set in an alternate history of 1895, Galilean Moons is an award-winning  “starter Euro” big box game featuring the area control, worker placement, set collection, and hand management mechanics alongside a striking Art Deco outer space look. Game design and artwork were done by Lukus Adam, a first-time Kiwi game designer.

Travel to the four largest moons of Jupiter with your ten robot helpers. The robots take control of sectors of the moons in order to mine powerful crystals left behind from a mysterious meteor shower.

As you begin collecting crystals, you can use them to acquire unique new technologies, many of which augment the four possible player actions.

The game ends once players have cycled through the deck of cards twice, then you will calculate each player’s total points. Points are scored for having sets of crystals, having control of the different moons, and for various unique technologies you may have acquired.

1-4 Players

Age 14+

45-60 minutes


Publisher: SchilMil Games, Stronghold Games

AuZtralia is an adventure/exploration board game set in an alternate reality Lovecraftian 1930s. Following the Restorationist war, the northern hemisphere was devastated so intrepid adventurers set out to explore and settle new lands. Little did they know, after the war, the surviving Old Ones and their remaining loyal human armies had made their way to the outback of Australia.

Build a port, construct railways, mine, farm for food, and build your forces but all of these actions cost time, which is one of AuZtralia's most valued resources.

Eventually, the Old Ones wake up and become an active player you must be prepared to fight. They begin to reveal themselves and move, with potentially devastating outcomes.

You’ll need to prepare wisely for the awakening and may have to co-operate with others to defeat the most dangerous Old Ones, including the mighty Cthulhu himself.

Over 640 components!

1-4 players

Age 13+

30-120 minutes

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Publisher: SchilMil Games


A set collection card game in which players assemble themed tours of Bali, helped and hindered by wise and wicked monkeys. Kenakalan means 'mischief' in Indonesian. Cards feature photographs of the scenery, flora and fauna, and culture of Bali.

2-6 players

Age 8+

20 minutes


Publisher: SchilMil Games

Coming back into print soon, Manifest is a big box Euro game that was successfully Kickstarted in 2014. Set in the Roaring '20s, you are a steamship captain picking up and delivering goods and passengers while evading pirates, storms, and a twitchy stock market. Manifest can be played in two ways: Standard and Expert. The Standard game is the introductory and family game. The Expert game entails a deck-buying and building mechanism replacing the blind card draw, thus adding another level of strategy.

2-5 players

Age 13+

45 minutes

2021-08-31 17_23_27-Kiitos 2D-Recovered-Recovered.tif _ 12.5% (Box 3d high res, CMYK_8) _.


Publisher: SchilMil Games

2021-08-31 17_39_07-Kiitos 2D-Recovered-Recovered.tif _ 12.5% (Komodo new box top, CMYK_8)

The original award-winning tile-laying game from SchilMil, in Komodo you are a scientist creating sanctuaries for South Pacific animals imperiled by an incoming asteroid. Snatch bits of four kinds of terrain and save as many species as you can. Bigger animals need more space but are worth more points at the end. Includes a cooperative variation. Coming back into print soon.

2-4 players

Age 10+

45 minutes

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