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About Us

Cheeky Parrot Games was founded in 2014 by Julia Schiller, who had previously served as a founder and co-director of SchilMil Games.

Cheeky Parrot's aim is to publish affordable, attractive, accessible titles for family and casual gamers, the sort of games that are great to introduce newcomers to the hobby of modern board gaming.

Cheeky Parrot's first two titles were originally developed by SchilMil: Raid the Pantry and Granny Wars. Cheeky Parrot went on to develop and publish Cat Capers (2015), Hoard (2016), Flaming Pyramids (2017), and Flipology (2019).

Its seventh title, World Changers, was co-published with Korea Board Games and the Kiwi edition was the first released in the world in 2021. Ulterior Design is coming next.

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