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Ulterior Design

All's fair in love and decor

Judges from Decor Rate magazine are headed to your area to find the most on-trend homes to feature in their publication. You always try to keep up with the latest home decorating trends so you are anticipating glory. It's time to throw yourself into decorating your home, influencing what is trending, and sneakily sabotaging your neighbours' homes. You'll have to keep your own combination of indoor plants, paintings, and lamps just right to impress the editor-judges, who can drop in any time.

Do this by adding one card, in an overlapping fashion, to your home, the trend area, or an opponent's home. Then top up your hand and draw an event card to see if there's a judge at your door!

The first player to earn the approval of three judges by collecting three awards will win this clever card game.

2-6 players

Age 8+

15 minutes

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