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Game Designers

Publishing games by different designers adds to the variety of Cheeky Parrot titles. We especially love helping new designers turn their idea into a finished project.

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Julia Schiller

Raid the Pantry, Komodo, Kenakalan, Granny Wars, Manifest, Hoard

In addition to being the director of Cheeky Parrot Games, Julia is the co-designer of the six titles above, but considers Raid the Pantry her special baby. Inspired by a childhood of playing traditional card games like Hearts, Pinochle, and Rummy, Julia wanted to create a food-themed game where your fate could not be predicted by the initial cards you are dealt. Raid the Pantry, Komodo, Kenakalan, and Manifest were co-designed with Amanda Milne and the latter three remain SchilMil Games titles.


Claire and James Dunning

Cat Capers

Kiwi couple Claire and James Dunning love to make and play games. Roleplaying Game Masters, board game and computer game designers, they made games for their friends and each other for a long time before even considering taking their ideas to the world. It's their aim to bring fun and thought-provocation to their audience through stories and games, and the virtual and tabletop spaces where imaginations collide.


Brad Thompson

Granny Wars

Brad is a designer and avid player of board games and RPGs. He masterminded the creation of the card game Granny Wars. Brad’s motto is nothing beats a good story combined with compelling gameplay. Further to that Brad is a father who appreciates keeping designs accessible for a wide scope of ages. He is involved heavily in the local LARP (Live Action Roleplay) scene running large campaign long events. His most recent achievement is being a Top 3 Finalist in the international Dungeons and Dragons, Dungeon Masters Challenge.


Norbert Abel

Flaming Pyramids

Norbert Abel is a passionate board gamer from Germany. All his life he has played, tweaked, or invented board games. In 2012 he arrived in New Zealand, where he met Julia. Together they decided to publish Flaming Pyramids. Norbert keeps tinkering with games; has developed his own RPG system for children, which he plays with his family;
has extensive house rules for basically every game on his shelf; and keeps working on new board game ideas.

Roses Welder

Rachel Reilly



Professional Man

Tim Kings-Lynne



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