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Glimstone Grab

Every man, woman, and beast is after the magical Glimstones in this cooperative game

Glimstone Grab is set in the magical universe of our bestselling game, Hoard. Esmeralda and her friend, Wizard Widdershins, have to save the town of Much Middling from a clutch of rapacious trolls who have settled into a clearing in the forest, where they are helping themselves not just to the gems, but the local children!

Players take turns revealing and actioning event cards, then using movement cards to circle the two heroes around the forest, collecting gems. When they meet up, if they have the right gems between them, they can perform a spell and banish a troll. Banish all the trolls to win, but keep an eye on the children. If they are all captured at the end of anyone's turn, the players lose. Thankfully, the magic of the glimstones can be harnessed to rescue children, but this does take gems out of circulation and it is also possible to lose if there are no meeting places left.

The game can be set up for a beginner, intermediate, or hard game, but players can also make their own custom setting by selecting event cards to use and changing other variables.

2-4 players

Age 8+

10-30 minutes

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