Under development

We have been working in fits and starts on Glimstone Grab, a cooperative game for 1-4, set in the Hoard universe by first-time designer Jono McGarvey. Trolls are snatching the magic glimstones and the town's children from the forest. Esmeralda and the wizard Widdershins must team up to save the day.

We are unlikely to be ready to publish this before 2023 given how Covid has impacted our cash flow.

box cover png_edited.jpg

Getting Back to Business

On August 18 Auckland went into lockdown as the Delta variant had entered New Zealand. On December 3, thanks to good uptake of the vaccine, many venues will reopen and Kiwis will enjoy more freedoms. Cheeky Parrot Games experienced two very slow months but with Christmas not far away, our sales have picked up again. Cross fingers everyone has a safe and prosperous summer holiday season.

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The Return of Raid the Pantry

The fourth printing of Raid the Pantry is a 10th anniversary commemorative edition. We hired Anne Heidsieck (of Welcome Home fame) to design a new cover, turning 50s gender stereotypes on their head and made some other aesthetic tweaks. The game is available from our retailers now.