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Cat Capers

What would you do if you were a cat for a day?

Catching a rat, summoning the fire department, and sneaking into someone’s house may not be your idea of a good time-–and in the latter case may even constitute a felony….


unless you are playing Cat Capers!


In this family-friendly board game you are a cat, your owner is away at work and the world (well, your block anyway) is your oyster. Unfortunately, a big dog named Rex and the other cats keep trying to prevent you from experiencing all the feline fun your neighbourhood has on offer.  


Still, with careful allocation of your four paws and crafty use of special cards, you can be the one who emerges from this cat fight with the lion’s share of the points.

2-4 players

Age 8+

30 minutes

"Great little filler game. Easy to learn and fun mechanics." Jasmine Hweh

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