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The Story of Cat Capers

"I wonder what the cat does when we're not here."

In early 2015, two young teachers, Claire Ahuriri and James Dunning, pitched their game to Julia. "Cat Tales" had been thoroughly tested with their students and they thought it might have commercial potential. Julia agreed.

Over the next several months, James and Claire worked with Julia to polish up the game, get professional artwork done, and launch Cat Capers on the PledgeMe crowdfunding platform to raise some of the money required for a print run, as at this stage Cheeky Parrot was still a new company. The campaign was successful and games went out to backers and into the New Zealand market in November of 2015.

Development of Cat Capers: About

Please keep cats indoors!

Green 2 Remedies_edited.jpg

Despite the premise of Cat Capers, we are obviously bird lovers at Cheeky Parrot Games and implore pet owners to keep their feline friends inside.

Especially in a place like New Zealand, where so much wildlife evolved in the absence of such predators, cats take a huge toll on bird, lizard, and insect populations.

The NZ Department of Conservation, Te Papa Atawhai, has suggestions on making your cat more conservation-friendly, but obviously the best course of action is to confine the cat to your own property. Cats kept indoors live longer too.

Development of Cat Capers: Welcome
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