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Glimstone Grab:
Feedback and Reviews

Glimstone Grab has been under development on-and-off for five years! This is what people have had to say about it recently, as it nears completion.

Katie Tam, Kanvasis Games

Glimstone Grab gives the pick-up-and-deliver mechanic a whole new spin! The clockwise vs. anti-clockwise movement of the characters along with the dynamic locations are incredibly clever and really shine through in its co-operative format. I love the whimsical theme, beautifully portrayed through the artwork and thematic components - from the round game board to the sparkly gems! This is definitely one of my favourite games from Cheeky Parrot!

Matthew Thredgold, Designer of Kiitos

Great table presence and the art looks good with snappy cooperative game play. It has come a long way since I first saw it a few years ago.

Micah, Board Game Salesman, Crackerjack Toys

It looks pretty cool. I really like the artwork, it's nice and charming. I think it's going to be a great cooperative board game for the 8–10-year-old group, which is a little underrepresented. Quite challenging, it made me think of a kids' version of Pandemic, but I really enjoyed it. I didn't win, but it was still fun.

Leah Breeds

Wellycon 2024 attendees:

  • I love the strategy of choosing which meeting points to save.

  • Nice art. Easy to figure out the rules.

  • The theme and the ease to play. It's challenging to think (using) both characters.

  • I like how the trolls are named. The gems are pretty cool as well.

  • A lot more depth than I thought at the beginning...replayable as well.

Delta, young fan

This game is awesome. It's also kinda challenging. But it's really good. I love it and

I cannot wait 'til it comes out.

2024-06-12 15_27_25-(3) Facebook_edited.jpg

Glimstone Grab is a fantastic co-operative game for friends and family. Light enough to learn quickly and get playing, but with enough variety and decisions to get you thinking and talking so you can make the most of the board state at each turn.

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