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The Story of World Changers

A fruitful collaboration

In late October 2020, Julia was contacted by Sung Kee Moon, the International Sales Manager for Korea Boardgames (KBG). They were interested in getting some of their titles into the New Zealand market and had heard Cheeky Parrot could be a suitable partner.

It turned out some of their existing titles were already available through other distribution channels, and Julia also had to convey how small the New Zealand market is, and that it would only be possible for Cheeky Parrot to bring in one title, with a quantity of just 1000 copies, to start. Moon agreed, and Julia chose World Changers, an upcoming KBG title she thought would fit well into the Cheeky range.

She made a print and play and brought it to the Hamilton Board Games by the Bay event to put it through its paces. It was well received, so she decided to proceed with the collaboration.

This involved localising the game for the New Zealand market. Athough an English translation had been made, it required polishing. Julia also had some input into a few aesthetic considerations, but basically this was quite an easy way to add a seventh title to the Cheeky range. The Cheeky Parrot edition of World Changers had the added cachet of being the first released anywhere in the world, and the game made its debut at Wellycon 2021.

Those interested in knowing more about how the game developed can read the designer diary.

Development of World Changers: About
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