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Playing World Changers

Mechanics: Card Drafting, End Game Bonuses, Educational, Solo Game

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Each player takes a chip in the colour of their choice. Count out and shuffle a random subset of the game's 32 cards, six per player. Deal two cards to each player and place three faceup within reach of all players in the center of the table. This area is called the Void. Leftover cards form a facedown draw pile.

On your turn, you can choose to invite a character to join your crew or you can pass your turn. Flip your chip to indicate what you are doing. You invite a character either from your hand or the Void, by placing its card face up in front of you. If the card has an invite effect (indicated by a blue symbol), perform that action. Top up the Void from your hand if necessary, then top up your hand to two cards from the draw deck. Then play passes to the left.

If the card you added doesn't have an invite action, it may have a trigger effect (indicated by an orange symbol) that can be activated later in the game when the stated condition is met. Otherwise it will have a purple symbol and have an effect on end of game scoring.

Use a reminder token if you need to remember to do something when it is next your turn--for example, when Joan of Arc joins a crew, she forces all players with the most crew members to pass their next turn.

You may choose to pass your turn if you don't wish to add any of the available characters to your crew. Assuming at least one other player invites a character, you will have another turn and you can get back into the action.

If all players pass their turn, the game ends immediately. Otherwise, it ends when the Void and draw pile are empty. Then players add up the numbers on their crew mates and compare their scores, with the highest-scoring player the winner.

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