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World Changers: Reviews

The Dice Tower

"Overall it works very well... engaging... I like the discovery process... like the replay value... well-balanced."

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All the Games with Steph

"It's got a good little bit of strategy to it. With all the different card effects, you're going to see a different game each time."

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"...a neat tactical filler that can be a nice way to start or end a game night.  It’s quick to set up and play, and each game thus far has been challenging and different due to the specific card subset drawn for each game."

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Contercontra on boardgamegeek

"Fast-playing brain burner. Cerebral with two players, chaotic with four."

Photo by Clio's Board Games

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Contercontra on boardgamegeek

World Changers Reviews: Books

3 Minute Board Games

"Verdict on this one? I'm keeping it."

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i Giochi del Topo

"...suitable for beginners, however, it will offer a pleasant series of malice and satisfactions even for well-established groups of board game lovers.

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