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Welcome to Cheeky Parrot Games

Developer, Publisher, and Distributor of Card and Board Games,
based in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand
Scroll down to see our seven published titles.

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World Changers

Our latest title

A co-production with Korea Board Games, World Changers is a quick-playing game of card drafting. The very silly premise is that you are a starship captain settling a new planet and you can recruit your crew from among 32 historical figures from diverse times and cultures. When you add a card to your team, it is likely to trigger an effect, although some cards may be triggered at other times or affect end game scoring. Comes with a 68 page booklet about the featured historical figures.

1-4 players

Age 10+

10 minutes


Fast flipping fun

Published in late 2019, the cards in Flipology feature beautifully illustrated animals or environmental features, a point value, and (usually) an effect that triggers when the card is flipped face up. You pick seven cards out of nine to arrange in a facedown row. Then you'll have just three turns to flip your cards to try to have more points showing than the other players. Of course, some of the animals' effects will interfere with your (or better, your opponents') best-laid plans. Includes directions for a variant for those who prefer a bit more strategy.

2-8 players

Age 6+

10 or 20 minutes

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Our beautiful bestseller

The perfect game to introduce people to modern board gaming, Hoard is an easy to learn rummy-style game, but instead of spades and sequences of numbers, you are collecting matching treasure sets from a sleeping dragon. A dynamic board is formed from facedown cards arranged around the sleeping dragon, who can be woken in three stages. In addition to the treasure cards, some cards allow you to tickle or soothe the dragon or steal from opponents. You can win by securing the most treasure and then waking the beast to end the round while you're ahead.

2-6 players

Age 6+

10 minute rounds

Granny Wars

A perennial favourite

A solid seller since its debut in 2013, Granny Wars is a card game of hidden loyalty, bluffing, nana naps and other senior tricks.

Your nana always wins the town's crafting competition but with new rivals on the scene, she'll need you to give her subtle boosts while slowing down the competition. But it wouldn't be sporting to be too obvious with your favouritism and besides, if the other players guess who your granny is, they will send long-winded politicians and unruly dogs to stitch her up.

2-8 players (best with 4-6)

Age 7+

15 minutes

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Cat Capers

A small board game that lets you be a cat for a day, competing with the other moggies for treats and fun experiences, while avoiding neighbourhood bully, a dalmatian called Rex.
2-4 players, age 8+, 30 minutes

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Flaming Pyramids

It might seem like a cooperative game, with players building a pyramid out of straw, wood, and stone, but really, everyone is just trying to get rid of their materials first and if it means some collapses, fires, or explosions, that's just the way the pyramid crumbles. A tile-laying game.
2-6 players, age 8+, 20 minutes

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Raid the Pantry

You are determined to score the most points for your multicultural dishes, even if you need to haggle, steal, or dumpster dive to get the ingredients you need. The knives are out in this classic rummy-style game.
2-4 players, can be played 2 vs 2

Age 8+, 20 minutes

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