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Raid the Pantry Reviews

Cardboard Insanity!

"Whether you have a mid-afternoon tea gathering, or looking for something to play during family game night, Raid the Pantry is perfect for that casual get together.  The instructions are simple, game play is smooth, and it’s as much fun as a spoonful of sugar!"

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Father Geek

“The game can either go in your favor or not, but in either case, you still have to work for your points. It’s just that sometimes it’s easier and sometimes it’s harder, but it’s always fun.”

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The BoardGamingAtHome family play a three-handed game of Raid the Pantry and share their impressions.

2021-09-27 16_06_45-Raid the Pantry Family Playthrough (Gameplay Overview, Runthrough & Re

Gaming Bits

"This game has won several awards... well deserved too. This game is a lot of fun to play. It’s a very light game of hand management and set collection. It’s easy to understand and easy to play. I really like everything about it."

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The Dice Tower

Tom Vasel played the first edition with three of his daughters. "One thing I noticed when Holly played, she got really excited when she could complete a dish."

2021-09-27 16_13_06-Raid the Pantry Review - with the Vasel Girls - YouTube — Mozilla Fire

Cybogobline, BoardGameGeek user

"Excellent game. Quick to learn, fun to play, and good for the whole family. The only downside is that it shouldn't be played on an empty stomach."

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