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Playing Raid the Pantry

Mechanics: Hand Management, Set Collection, Auction/Bidding, Rock-Paper-Scissors

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To begin, each player is dealt six Ingredient cards and three Dish cards. If you get lucky, you might already have the ingredients to make one of your dishes. Otherwise, it’s common to need a few turns to stock up before you can get cooking!

Action cards drive the game. Begin every turn by drawing one. If it has a whisk, you must use it right away. If you can’t action it, you can discard it and draw another.


Raid the Pantry is one of the most powerful Action cards. It allows you to announce any single ingredient you need and then to rifle through the entire Pantry (deck of ingredient cards) to try to find it.


After resolving your Action card, if you are able to cook, you lay down a Dish card and the listed ingredients to score between one to three points and to lock down its ingredients in your ‘Cupboard’. Before your turn ends, you draw a new Dish card and you can try to cook the new dish and score some more points right away.

Raid the Pantry features color-coded dishes from five primary cuisines, as well as instant dishes from other cultures, wild cards, and cards that let you steal or swap ingredients.

It is possible to play Raid the Pantry as two teams of two. The teams share a cupboard (Ingredients from finished Dishes) and can cooperate in other ways.

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