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Playing Flaming Pyramids

Mechanics: Tile-Laying, Hand Management, Push Your Luck, Take That

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Facedown tiles are mixed up and distributed evenly among players, with any leftover placed together to form part of the bottom row of the pyramid. Players draw up five tiles from their supply. On their turn, they must add a tile to the pyramid following the placement rules: a tile placed atop two others must match one of them in color or weight and must not be heavier than their combined weight.

If it isn't possible to follow the placement rules, a collapse ensues and the collapsed tiles go under the player's pile. Fires can start when hot coals or blowtorches are legally placed adjacent to flammable tiles. Again, any tiles catching on fire go under the active player's pile.

After placing their tile and resolving any subsequent mayhem, the player should replenish their hand back to five tiles (unless the draw pile is empty) and play passes to the left.

You win by being the first to get rid of all of your tiles.

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