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Hoard: Reviews

To Die for Games

"Simple mechanics but it worked. It was fun. It made me feel like a character in the Hobbit."

"Great for a family."

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The Kwarenteen

"My nine year-old daughter loves it. Fantastic little game."

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Tantrum House:
Kickstarter Conniption

"I really enjoyed this game...there is some luck and randomness...but there's also strategy to which actions you take."

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Kickin' it with Meg

"I think that this game is going to be a winner with families and lovers of games like Forbidden Island and Jaipur. I like that it it combines light strategy and memory with some luck, without being completely reliant on it. I’m also really digging the art; it’s colorful and the character pawns really look full of life."


Toucan Play That Game

"No matter what luck throws at you, you will have choices in this game...the luck to strategy ratio is really good."

Gaming Bits

"The game is simple enough that younger players can enjoy the game as well as adults. It’s a great family game that will appeal to all players. There’s plenty of player interaction with only a little bit of strategy thrown in. My daughter and I both enjoyed the game and found it to be very entertaining."

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Father Geek

“It’s hard to find fantasy-themed games that are easy enough to teach non-gamers and yet still thematic enough to keep everyone involved. I think this game did a great job of capturing the game’s story and presenting it in a way that is easy for players to quickly grasp.”

Jon Solmundson

Interview with Julia Schiller and Tim Kings-Lynne
"The one spark that started the overall game design was the image in my head of the dragon asleep in the middle of the treasure cards.” Tim Kings-Lynne

Dad's Gaming Addiction

"All in all, Hoard is a keeper. It’s flexible enough to be played once or many times, whatever you prefer. As mentioned earlier, it’s best as a filler in between longer play sessions though it can serve as the main attraction on a school night where time is limited."

GrizzlyWhiskey, BoardGameGeek user

"Perfect for younger kids!
I play this game often with my 6 and 8 year old, and unlike so many other games I have bought that have an age recommendation that they fall in, this one is actually one they can grasp. It's very easy to setup (takes 2 mins, not 10!!) and is super portable so is an excellent travel game."

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