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Granny Tales

Some of the fabulous nans you'll find in Granny Wars

Grandma Jasine

Taua Nicky is a retired school teacher whose hobbies are cooking and family history research. She is of Māori descent, her iwi (tribe), Ngai Tahu, has the largest territory, encompassing much of New Zealand’s South Island. Nicky has traveled extensively through the USA, Europe, Australia, and a bit of Europe.

Grandma Hill

Taua Nicky

Jasine is a beautiful woman with a loving heart who always wants the best for everyone and likes to see people happy, looked after, and free from suffering. She fusses needlessly, cooks a mean feed with her trusty Dutch pot, loves to watch TV, and is an active member of the local church, helping to organise events and meetings. She was born in Jamaica and moved to the UK as a young woman starting out in life. She trained and became a midwife, witness to new generations of life entering the world. She has three grandchildren that she doesn’t get to see nearly enough for her liking, so she spoils them as best she can. Although very private, she loves the company of people and enjoys robust conversations and has a view/opinion about most things.

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Like a bright little bird, Grandma Hill loved gardening, seeing the funny side of things, playing her Baby Grand Piano, and getting the family together for meals.  She made the best homemade ice creams.  She would travel anywhere by car, train or bus, but would not get on an aeroplane, as she couldn’t figure out what kept it in the sky!  She didn’t mind a good joke, and thought it made good sense to pick up handy freebies out of her neighbours’ letterbox, if they took too long to take them out themselves.  She crocheted pretty well, and loved her little dog, Puddles.


Grandma Allison

Though she’s always smiling, Grandma Allison is a very serious board game geek. She loves Euro games, but has been known to play card games as well. She often hosts games nights at her house.

Granny Wars: Granny Tales: Our Authors

Grandma Gama’s son thought she would be perfect to grace the Clean Out Gold card because whenever she comes over to his house, she can’t help herself but start cleaning!  Her dress is a traditional Slovak kroj, not as elaborate as they can get, but we felt it was important to include it since she enjoys participating in ethnic events.  Definitely a colourful character, Gama also reads at least ten books a week and collects pill boxes from all over the world.

Gran Gama

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