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Flaming Pyramids: Reviews

Geek New Zealand

"A refreshing game to start our board games night....Overall, I love this game."

2021-09-30 16_05_40-Flaming Pyramids Boardgame Review - YouTube.png

Geek City USA

"Plays very smoothly, easy to teach...accessible to a wide audience."

2021-09-30 16_10_08-Flaming Pyramids - How to Play and Review - YouTube — Mozilla Firefox.

Gaming Bits

"This is a game that I’d recommend trying out. I think it will appeal to a lot of different players."

Gaming Bits fl py.webp

The Kwarenteen

"super cool because you add that spatial element"

2021-09-30 16_15_04-Flaming Pyramids Review - YouTube — Mozilla Firefox.png

Expand Your Game

"The game is a great filler that you can replay over and over again. Fans of easy to teach games such as uno, exploding kittens, or love letter will feel right at home with the wonderous Flaming Pyramids."

FP curse.jpg

Board and Bean Games UK

"For me this is a great family tile placing game… its a simple concept, well executed, yet can be as complicated and cut-throat as you want it to be."

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