The Dragon Games

Creative Maths, formerly Statistics Learning Centre (SLC) of Christchurch is a social enterprise that aims to

  • Empower all teachers to teach statistics
  • Help students at all levels to learn statistics and mathematics, fostering excitement and discovery
  • Make statistics accessible to all, so that people may become better informed citizens of the world
  • Give families fun and educational activities
  • Educate citizens about important things

Since 2011, they have been producing high quality video and other resources to help students learn statistics all over the world. In 2016, Cheeky Parrot began assisting SLC in procuring learning aids from manufacturers in China. Dragonistics Data Cards was the first joint project and these are now in use across New Zealand to teach statistical analysis, how to create graphs and tables, and sampling.dragonistics-1830_320eefc6-6f55-4a14-b26a-0bed2e95fabd_1024x1024

The Dragon Games is a commercial adaptation of the Dragonistics cards. The Dragon Games contains four different easy-to-learn events: Formations, Matches, Connections, and Battle using beautifully designed dragon cards. The materials are flexible enough that you can also invent your own games and activities.

2-5 players

Age 7+

Variable play time from 10 minutes to 2 hours

Now sold out.