Kiwetin's forest spirits race to be first to the sacred flowerCheeky Parrot Games is the exclusive Kiwi distributor for this fast-playing forest frolic! Kiwetin caught our eye on Kickstarter, where its campaign raised 535% of its goal. We had a prototype sent and decided that Kiwetin would fit in nicely with our range of easy, family-friendly games. It is now available in New Zealand via our retailer network.

Pick a character (Ki, We, or Tin) and race through the treetops to be the first to reach the sacred flower. The smaller the character, the faster it can move but its grip won’t be as strong as the larger characters. Don’t get too attached, as the whirlwinds mean you may finish the game in control of a different character! Roll the custom dice to move and grip. Change up the action with the Rüne cards, which can be played any time and in sequence to great effect. Randomly placed tiles on the 68cm board also make the Kiwetin experience different each time you play.

Kiwetin was designed by Flyos Games of Montréal. It is their first published game. Kiwetin is fully bilingual, with cards and directions in English and in French.

2-6 players, age 7+, 15 minutes


  • Sleeve-style box
  • 68 cm trifold board
  • 6 highly detailed miniatures (2 of each kind) with coloured base clips
  • 30 Rüne cards
  • 16 action tiles
  • 3 custom dice (one for movement, two for grabbing)
  • Directions

Flyos has released a more thorough version of the rules.

Official website.