Irons in the Fire

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A new year, and a little bird tells me this could be a big one for Cheeky Parrot Games.
Isn’t our product line looking sharp these days? I barely had to ‘sell’ the games to our newest retailers. The light-hearted artwork and sturdy magnetic boxes speak for themselves. December 2015 sales were double those of 2014. Having a new title released in November surely helped, though our veteran Grannies keep ticking along. We saw the 1000th copy sold in New Zealand recently, after two years on the market.

Our big in-house project this year will be running a Kickstarter campaign and then publishing and distributing Hoard, the family-friendly, steal-the-most-treasure-from-the-sleeping-dragon card game. We are very optimistic about this one’s prospects. It works well as a starter or filler for the gamer geek crowd, while families make a real meal of it, playing round after round to see who will reach five points first. We have the resources to publish our usual 1000 copies and get it to outlets in New Zealand, but this time we thought we’d shoot for a larger target, and Kickstart to raise the capital to get copies into the North American market too. Tim and Beck have been diligently working on new artwork and regular playtesting continues through March. We are on schedule to launch the Kickstarter by mid-May and to get games to backers and retailers in time for Christmas.

We have also started to approach fellow indie publishers with the aim of distributing their titles in New Zealand. We hope to have news on that front soon.

Finally, our path crossed with a kindred spirit in Nicola “Dr Nic” Petty, whom we met during the Auckland Board Games by the Bay event in November. Nicola’s company, Statistics Learning Centre, produces educational videos and is starting to market teaching materials (sets of cards). They have enlisted Cheeky’s expertise to broker manufacturing and shipping of product from our Chinese manufacturer. And funny coincidence, they are using cards with dragons on them to convey concepts like sample size, confidence intervals, and regression. We’re delighted we can be of service to Nicola and her business partner, Shane.