Next Project Lined Up!

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Today Cheeky Parrot Games is pleased to announce that its next creative project will be a card game called Flipology, invented by designer Rachel Reilly and with artwork to be done by  Hoard creator and artist, Weta Digital virtuoso Tim Kings-Lynne.

Rachel pitched her game to me in late August and after requesting and playing a prototype, I thought, “this feels like a Cheeky game.”

Some cards from the Flipology prototype, with artwork by Sarah Kasten

In Flipology, players select seven out of nine cards to place in a face down row, then they have three turns to try to maximise their points. Illustrated with different animals, the cards contain a point value and often an action, for example flipping over one card might enable a player to flip a second card or swap one of their cards for an opponent’s. Most cards have to be face up for their points to count, with the notable exception of the sloth, whose point value becomes negative if it gets flipped up. As players become familiar with the cards’ abilities and how they interact and start to consider what their opponents might be planning, Flipology will be a game you’ll want to play more than once.

The regular game is for two to six players. A “Great Tree” variant, where players ultimately control three rows of cards, accommodates up to four players.

This will be the fourth time Cheeky Parrot has worked with a first-time designer to develop their project from prototype to marketable product. I believe that working with different designers lends variety to Cheeky Parrot’s catalogue, which at present includes four published titles and a fifth, Flaming Pyramids, on its way soon, as well as five other games we distribute in New Zealand for other small independent companies.

Rachel is excited to work with Cheeky Parrot Games on Flipology and hopes it will be her first published work of many. Rachel is a queer trans woman, game designer, and civil servant from Albany, New York who has spent years fiddling with game concepts and designs. She took her time growing Flipology from a simple concept to a quick game packed with a ton of fun. When she’s not playing and designing games, Rachel is usually cooking a hearty meal, traveling, or advocating to make her community a better place.

We will put the game through rigorous playtesting on two continents over the next few months. I’ve already requested one important tweak: that a parrot be included in the game’s cast of animals. In New Zealand, the prototype game will make its debut at the Board Games by the Bay Auckland event which runs on November 17-18. Meanwhile, Tim is getting underway with the artwork.

Cheeky Parrot intends to publish Flipology with its own funds and to release it in the third or fourth quarter of 2019. In this case, I think a Kickstarter campaign would be an unnecessary  diversion. After our experience with Flaming Pyramids (we cancelled our first attempt, halved our target and then managed to succeed), I feel it’s getting harder for Cheeky’s sorts of games to compete for funding on there. I just want to get this game into the world as soon as we can. I think people are really going to enjoy it.