Countdown to Kickstarter

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Esmeralda-cutIn just one month’s time, we will be hitting the “Launch” button on our Kickstarter for Hoard.

We have come a long way in the nine months since I first laid eyes on a certain plucky young woman bravely reaching for a golden goblet atop a dragon’s treasure pile. That diamond in the rough is now a polished crowd-pleaser ready to hit the international stage.

Hoard’s Kickstarter campaign will launch in the morning of May 18 (New Zealand time) and run for 31 days. A print run of at least 2000 copies will eventuate if it can hit its target of $16,000 NZ. The base game will feature Cheeky’s trademark magnetic-closure box as well as a custom die, scoring tokens, and, instead of plain wooden Meeples, character pawns made from punchboard inserted into plastic bases. Of these, goblet-grabbing Esmeralda was the first to come to life and others will be revealed in the course of the campaign.

Stretch goals will include component upgrades, material to add a 5th and 6th player, and a second custom die for a variation to appeal to those who are good at remembering the locations of choice cards.

We’ll release the main Kickstarter video on May 4th. We thought we should play to our strengths, so Tim and Beck have prepared an amazing animated short to convey the mood and feeling of the game. In the meantime, you can watch a how-to-play video here:

Prototypes of Hoard will be available for play at CanOpener in Auckland from 10-4 on April 23 and at It’s Your Move in Wellington on April 23-24. Other appearances are planned for Board Games by the Bay Auckland May 21-22 and at the venerable WellyCon June 4-5.