World Changers

Our seventh title came to us in a novel way. Last year we were approached by Korea Board Games. They were interested in getting some of their titles into the New Zealand market. We felt World Changers was a good fit for our existing range and agreed to localise it, which primarily meant polishing the language of its rough English translation. We were delighted that KBG also allowed us to have input into some of the game’s aesthetics, such as using red text on cards with a negative point value and the colour scheme of the player tokens.

World Changers unites 32 historical figures from diverse times and cultures. To do this required a silly premise: players are star ship captains trying to select the optimum crew to settle a new planet. They recruit their team from ‘the Void’ a display of communal cards or from one of the two cards they hold in their hand. Most cards have invite effects which trigger at this time; the remaining cards may trigger during subsequent turns or may affect scoring at the end. Similar to our Flipology game, sometimes the cards with fewer point value have stronger effects.

Players take turns until either everyone passes (which is always an option, and doesn’t mean you can’t get back into the action on a subsequent turn) or cards run out. Since six cards are dealt in per player, even maxed out with four players, there will always be a different mixture of personalities.

World Changers comes with a 68 page booklet where players can read more about the featured figures, including why they have the effect they do. The cards are tarot-sized. Cards and tokens fit nicely into a plastic insert–a component Cheeky Parrot ordinarily wouldn’t be able to include with our smaller print runs.

World Changers first met its public at Wellycon 2021 and officially releases on June 11–New Zealand being the first place in the world where it is available. Overseas customers may purchase it here.