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Julia Schiller and Amanda Milne
Julia Schiller and Amanda Milne in 2012

In 2011, Julia Schiller and Amanda Milne founded SchilMil Games in order to publish two games they had developed: Komodo and Raid the Pantry. The partnership continued for three years. During that time, SchilMil Games published three other titles: Kenakalan, Granny Wars (in collaboration with Brad Thompson) and Manifest. In 2014, Julia broke away to start Cheeky Parrot Games, receiving the rights to Raid the Pantry and Granny Wars in the process. Cheeky Parrot serves as a distributor for SchilMil titles in New Zealand and all Cheeky Parrot titles are available via the SchilMil Games store.


Komodo (2012)

komodo-contentsKomodo is a tile-laying game that can be played competitively or cooperatively by 2-4 players. Its premise is that players are zoologists trying to save South Pacific animals from an incoming asteroid by building a sanctuary composed of tiles bearing the kind of terrain the animals need.

Komodo won New Game of the Year and Children’s Choice awards from the New Zealand Games Association in 2013. It will be reprinted in 2021.

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Komodo on Board Game Geekbgg-logo Komodo box


Kenakalan (2013)

Kenakalan takes players on a Bali adventure. As tour operators, they must put together perfect tours along themes such as exotic birds, shopping, and scenic vistas. Easy enough, but they must also contend with maddening monkeys, which have the potential to upset or aid planning. Kenakalan means mischief in the Bahasa Indonesia and Malay languages.

Kenakalan is a card game for 2-6 players, age 8+. Its main mechanics are set collection, hand management and press-your-luck.

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Manifest (2014)

pic1940623_mdSubject of a successful Kickstarter campaign which ran in March 2014, Manifest is set in the Roaring ’20s and features a double-sided board showing a world map. Players are steam ship captains picking up and delivering passengers and cargo while outrunning pirate robbers, storms and other nautical mayhem. With a choice of private and public contracts, two ships to command, and multi-purpose action cards, there are many paths to victory, including some ways of scuttling opponents.

Manifest is for 2-5 players, age 14+. It includes a pirate ship, company advantage, and expert deck-building game variant.

Manifest will be reprinted in 2021.