Media Release: Cheeky Parrot Games Hopes to Go Large (Think Dragon-Sized) on Kickstarter

May 4, 2016


Auckland, New Zealand – A mysterious young woman known only as Esmeralda arrived breathless at town hall yesterday afternoon. She claimed to have discovered a vast cavern filled with valuable objects, gold coins, and gems. Before she could collect many, a confrontation with a fellow adventurer caused her to trip over a treasure chest. To her horror, the clatter roused a dragon, which to that point she hadn’t noticed, who had been slumbering in the distance. “I’m lucky to have escaped with my life,” she declared. When onlookers expressed their skepticism at her improbable tale, she simply reached into the depths of her shawl, extracting a single emerald nearly as large as her hand.

3D as done by TimIn two weeks time, Cheeky Parrot Games opens the cavern and its fire-breathing denizen to all board game playing adventurers as it launches a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for its next title. Hoard is a card game for two to four players with the theme of stealing and securing the most treasure sets before a dragon wakes.

Two Weta Digital artists created Hoard and self-published a small print run. Cheeky Parrot director Julia Schiller happened to obtain the last copy and has worked with them to polish a game that is already attracting positive accolades from the United States to Italy.

American reviewer Jonathan Nelson lauded Hoard as a “light fun game that is great for families. It’s kid tested and father approved.” Meanwhile, on Monday evening, Italian game reviewer Alexander Quarella posted a preview video of Hoard, mentioning the beautiful illustrations and that the game’s strategic depth was a pleasant surprise.

The Kickstarter campaign will launch on May 18 and run for 31 days. If the target of $16,000 NZ is reached, Schiller expects to print at least 2000 copies. Some of these will go to campaign backers as rewards; the remainder will sell through Cheeky Parrot’s existing retailer network and via an American distributor.

Cheeky Parrot Games is a one-woman card and board game publisher with three titles on the market throughout New Zealand. Schiller has high hopes that Hoard will attract new followers and customers from more distant shores.

Link to the Kickstarter preview page, which includes graphics, photos, videos, and more information:


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