Our Games

Cheeky Parrot Games has six titles currently in print. All sell reliably at dozens of retail outlets across New Zealand and Australia. All are offered in our trademark, compact, sturdy, one-piece magnetic closure box.

Flipology is our most recent release. In this card game, players select seven of nine cards to arrange in a facedown row in front of them. Cards contain point values and many contain an action. For example the dog allows a card adjacent to it to be flipped and the hawk allows a player to swoop into an opponent’s row and flip one of their cards. Players have just three turns to flip as many of their cards as possible, as cards must be faceup to score their points. Flipology was designed by first-time designer Rachel Reilly of Albany, New York and the gorgeous illustrations, which feature two dozen forest animals from around the world, were done by Hoard artist and co-designer Tim Kings-Lynne.

Released in time for Christmas 2018, Flaming Pyramids is a tile-laying game where players add their tiles to the same pyramid but win by getting rid of their supply first. Flaming Pyramids was designed by German expat Norbert Abel, who now lives in Hamilton. It is a game he first started working on in his boyhood so it’s gone through several significant iterations over the years. Most of the tiles contain building material of different weights, but there are four incendiary titles (coals and blowtorches) which can cause fires and explosions. Another sort of mayhem, a collapse, occurs when a tile is too heavy for the two beneath it. Mayhem events add tiles back to a player’s pile, but sometimes it is better to cause a little mayhem early in the game than to be stuck with a difficult tile later, when the pyramid is bigger and prone to larger collapses or fires. Flaming Pyramids was successfully Kickstarted. Its tiles are decorated with New Zealand flora and fauna.

3D as done by TimOur best-selling title Hoard began as a self-published card game. We worked with the creators, Weta Digital artists Tim Kings-Lynne and Beck Veitch, to prepare Hoard for a larger market under the Cheeky Parrot label. We ran a successful Kickstarter campaign from May-June 2016, which helped to fund a special print run released in the North American market. Kickstarter backer and Australasian market copies have bonus features such as the magnet box with gold accents. The game’s setting is familiar to all Kiwis: the cavern of a sleeping dragon. How much treasure can you steal and secure before it wakes up? A rummy-style game, Hoard is for 2-6 players, age 6 and up. It was reprinted for the second time in late 2018.

Raid the Pantry is in its third printing and was the winner of the New Zealand Games Association’s New Game of the Year Award 2013 and other accolades. It is a rummy-style cooking themed game featuring beautifully photographed ingredient and multicultural dish cards. Like many traditional card games, it can be played individually or with a partner.


We worked with first-time designers Claire Ahuriri and James Dunning to bring Cat Capers to the market in late 2015. In this small board game, players take on the role of cats contending for the best adventures on offer on a suburban street (chase the postie or some home decorating, anyone?)

Granny Wars has been a consistent seller for us; selling its first 1000 copies in New Zealand within two years of its release. We have reprinted it three times. It is a fast-playing game of secret identities and special senior tricks. Can you help your nana stay on top in the highly competitive town handcrafting competition? Granny Wars can be played by up to eight people.

Three-gamesCheeky Parrot distributes our own and SchilMil Games titles to retailers in New Zealand and Australia. SchilMil’s present titles are AuZtralia, Komodo and Kenakalan. Manifest, also pictured, had a successful initial print run and is presently unavailable.

Karmaka boxIn 2016 we made our first distribution deal with a small off-shore independent publisher, Hemisphere Games of Canada. Their game, Karmaka, had a big Kickstarter campaign, raising over 1100% of its target. We ordered copies for distribution to New Zealand Kickstarter campaign backers and our retailers. A competitive card game that plays out over multiple lives, Karmaka players begin as lowly dung beetles and work to ascend the karmic ladder round by round. We sold through our supply within a year and eagerly hope for a reprint.

In 2016 we also helped Creative Mathematics (formerly Statistics Learning Centre) to source games and teaching aids from our manufacturer in China. We distribute the Dragon Games for them. It is their commercial adaptation of the Dragonistics data cards used in New Zealand schools to teach about maths and statistics.

In 2017 we brought over copies of Kiwetin, a light racing game for 2-6 players by first time designers Flyos Games of Montreal. Featuring detailed miniatures, a long board and custom dice, you begin the game as forest spirit Ki, We, or Tin, which have variable speed and grasping abilities…but don’t count on finishing the game with the same identity! RĂ¼ne cards and action tiles vary the gameplay.

Oaxaca components

Most recently, we’ve secured New Zealand distribution rights for Oaxaca: Crafts of a Culture, a gorgeous starter Euro with dice rolling and allocation and engine building mechanics. The creators of Oaxaca ran a successful Kickstarter campaign, reaching their target within the first 36 hours, and many stretch goals to improve the production value of the game, including linen finish on the box and cards, a small expansion, and a solo mode.

Finally, our seventh title is in the works; it a cooperative game in a fantasy setting.