Galilean Moons

Set in an alternate history of 1895, Galilean Moons is a “starter Euro” big box game featuring the area control, worker placement, set collection, and hand management mechanics alongside a striking Art Deco outer space look.

You and up to three other players voyage with your 10 robot helpers to the four largest moons of Jupiter. The robots take control of sectors of the moons in order to mine powerful crystals left behind from a mysterious meteor shower.

Command cards enable three of the four possible player actions: invading, reinforcing or withdrawing, and mining. You start the game with four of these cards and the fourth player action is to draw up to four more cards. On each of your turns you can take two actions which can be the same or different.

Since you also begin the game with one of your robots already dispatched to a sector, in theory all actions may be available to you from your first turn.

As you begin collecting crystals, you can use them to acquire unique new technologies, many of which augment the four possible player actions.

The game ends once players have cycled through the deck of cards twice, then you will calculate each player’s total points. Points are scored for having sets of crystals, having control of the different moons, and for various technology cards you may have acquired.

Games take about 45 minutes. There is a solo mode, and its AI opponent, Dr Icarus, can also be added to a two or three player game for an extra challenge.

Designer Lukus Grace with Galilean Moons, for which he also did all the artwork and design.

Galilean Moons was successfully Kickstarted in 2019. Extra copies from the print run arrived in New Zealand just before Christmas 2020 and are exclusively distributed by Cheeky Parrot Games.