Cheeky Grannies Arrive

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Granny-Wars-reprintA reprint of Granny Wars, the first games to be published under the Cheeky Parrot label, has now safely arrived from China. Manufacturer Whatz of Shanghai has again done high quality work and the game continues to feature their hallmark one-piece magnetic sealing box. Half of the shipment has topped up the New Zealand supply and will go into circulation here as soon as the remaining games printed under the SchilMil label have sold out.

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Our new Australian distributor, Even Toys and Games of Queensland, has received the second half of the shipment.  “ETAG” will now be able to supply existing retailers and bring on board some more for us.

Back panel of Granny Wars, original (L) and reprint (R)
Back panel of Granny Wars,
original (L) and reprint (R)

The reprint was an opportunity to redesign the back and side panels on the box.  You can see in the photo how elements from the front and sides flow nicely into each other to create a more continuous design. The back is now easier to read and highlights the game’s crucial statistics in a gold bar.  The green and red card pair and accompanying caption provide a brief explanation of why Granny War’s subtitle is: a Game of Tit for Tat.