Co-published by SchilMil Games and Stronghold Games in seven languages in late 2018 after a $250,000+ NZ  Kickstarter campaign, AuZtralia is a unique adventure/exploration game set in an alternate reality 1930s Australia that has become a refuge for the dreaded Old Ones.

Place a port, recruit helpers, construct railways, mine resources, farm, and build up your military. Every action you take costs time, which is one of AuZtralia’s most precious resources. Partway through the game, the Old Ones awaken to become an active player you’ll need to be ready to fight to win.

Designed by Martin Wallace, AuZtralia picks up on the storyline of his 2013 board gamed A Study in Emerald and imagines the Old Ones retreated Down Under after being defeated in the Northern Hemisphere. Will humanity prevail again or will the Old Ones wreak their revenge?

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1 – 4 players

Age 13+

30 – 120 minutes

Over 640 components!

Cheeky Parrot is distributing both the Kickstarter version (which includes its own shipping carton and a metal Cthulhu figurine) and regular retail version to its retailers in New Zealand.