Countdown to Kickstarter

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In just one month’s time, we will be hitting the “Launch” button on our Kickstarter for Hoard. We have come a long way in the nine months since I first laid eyes on a certain plucky young woman bravely reaching for a golden goblet atop a dragon’s treasure pile. That diamond in the rough is […]

Irons in the Fire

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A new year, and a little bird tells me this could be a big one for Cheeky Parrot Games. Isn’t our product line looking sharp these days? I barely had to ‘sell’ the games to our newest retailers. The light-hearted artwork and sturdy magnetic boxes speak for themselves. December 2015 sales were double those of […]

The Cats Are Out of the Bag

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Manufacture of Cat Capers was completed by October 1, but as the Chinese then went on a week long holiday (and videos of their epic traffic jams went viral), I suspect our logistics company didn’t manage to whisk the shipment away from Shanghai for a while longer. We were anticipating delivery on November 9, so […]

Dragon Development

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When I was in Wellington to attend It’s Your Move in July, I delivered an order to the Hobby Stop in Kilbirnie, where staff member Richard introduced me to a self-published card game called Hoard. I scooped up the last copy and had some play tests that evening and the next day at the event. […]

PledgeMe Success

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During July, we ran a crowd-funding campaign on the Kiwi site, PledgeMe, to raise some of the funding needed to manufacture Cat Capers. We were thrilled to reach our target a day before the campaign ended. We had set the target to $2500 because we believed this was an achievable amount and because we had […]

Event Season Underway

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Our first event of the year was one in which we played host, St Heliers TableTop Day, held on International TableTop Day, April 11. About 30 attendees, mainly a family crowd, came along to the beautifully refurbished St Heliers Community Centre to play games, including our cat game prototype, which is coming along nicely. Preparatory […]

Cheeky Grannies Arrive

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A reprint of Granny Wars, the first games to be published under the Cheeky Parrot label, has now safely arrived from China. Manufacturer Whatz of Shanghai has again done high quality work and the game continues to feature their hallmark one-piece magnetic sealing box. Half of the shipment has topped up the New Zealand supply […]

Wonderful Wellington

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I just spent three days in Wellington, a city I always feel uplifted in. On Friday I talked to several potential retailers and brought two new ones on board: the Hobby Stop in Kilbirnie and Toyworld on Ballance Street in the CBD. A few more may be placing orders soon. On Saturday and Sunday I […]

Taking Flight

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I started this company because I have a clear vision of the sort of games I want to produce, either as a designer or by helping an independent designers realize their dream of seeing their game published. Cheeky Parrot Games aims to produce games that are affordable, clever, and pleasing to the eye. Games like […]