A Karmic Connection

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Our aim is to grow Cheeky Parrot Games, carefully and steadily, into a fully viable enterprise. To do this, we are pursuing three strategies:

  1. Continue to grow the catalog of games printed under our label, games that are affordable, attractive, family-friendly, and easy to learn and play in under an hour. By the end of the year, with the addition of Hoard, we will have four titles like these on the market in New Zealand.
  2. Work with overseas distributors to introduce our games into those markets. Even Toys and Games has been distributing Granny Wars and Raid the Pantry in Australia. Hoard is the first title we’ll be able to get into the North American market, thanks to distribution agreements with Hit Point Sales and What the Fun distributors. To keep Hoard at an affordable price, the overseas edition omits some of the one-time only deluxe features, such as gold foil box accents and the magnetic, one-piece box, that we were able to include in the edition we Kickstarted.
  3. Identify other small indy companies and offer to distribute their games in New Zealand, which helps us expand what we can offer retailers here. At the beginning of the year we reached out to Hemisphere Games, a small Canadian company that had previously published the Osmos computer game, as they were planning a Kickstarter for their first board game, Karmaka. We will be fulfilling Kiwi Kickstarter pledges for Karmaka and selling the remainder via our retailer network.

We are grateful to have made this connection with Hemisphere. Their Kickstarter was a huge success, raising an unbelievable 1100% of their target, which means they are printing over 8000 copies. About 500 of these are now on their way to us in Auckland.

Here’s a peek at this beautiful game:


And find out more here.